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British post-punk band Adam and the Ants had a string of hits in the UK between 1980 and 1982, with hits including “Antrap”, “Stand and Deliver” and Prince Charming”. After splitting-up in 1982, their frontman Adam Ant launched a successful solo career, starting with the No.1 hit “Goody Two Shoes”.

Adam Ant donned clothes designed by fashion designer Vivienne Westwood and developed a quirky and iconic new romantic, 16th century pirate look with a painted face and swashbuckling clothes. From, his Napoleonic hussar jacket to the dancy highwayman “Stand and Deliver” style with regency waistcoat, cape and tricorn hat, there are several costumes available replicating his 80s fashion styles.

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Stand and Deliver sleeve

For a complete dandy highwayman look, we recommend using the following items. You can buy a ready-made highwayman costume – just create a white stripe across your face instead of wearing a mask – or buy the accessories separately.

Men's Highway Man Costume with PistolsMen’s Highway Man Costume with PistolsTricorn Hat FeltTricorn Hat FeltDeluxe boot covers for adultsDeluxe boot covers for adultsRubie's Official Pirate Swashbuckler pistol adultsRubie’s Official Pirate Swashbuckler pistol adultsBlack CapeBlack CapeWhite Pirate Shirt for MenWhite Pirate Shirt for MenFace Paint CrayonsFace Paint Crayons