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Shell Suits adverts from 1989 - Fila

There can be hardly anyone on Earth who actually liked the shell suit. Here are a couple of genuine ads from 1989 featuring the garish, crinkled nylon version of the tracksuit. The ad on the left is from an old mail order catalogue, and the one of the right is by Fila.

I remember there were also metallic shell suits which were even worse to look at than the ones featured here, especially when they had certain ageing British celebrities inside them, one of which turned out to be very unsavoury indeed.

Available in an array of ghastly colours, the shiny and creased, rustling tracksuit was just about the worst fashion fad to come out of the 80s. For a short while, they were actually considered to be very cool. But when our parents and the aforementioned middle aged celebrities started to wear them, the shell suit quickly became the target of ridicule.

Okay, so let’s now take a look at the best fancy dress costumes available.

Our top pick is this shiny, metallic blue shell suit for men which is receiving great customer feedback and is available in four sizes from Medium to XX-Large, and at a very reasonable price.

It’s perfect for 80s fancy dress.